A View of the Unexpected

A view of the unexpected

I am loving the view from here and it’s not what I expected to see. It is not what I anticipated to have a fondness for. I drive past this quiet stream, near a meadow of yellow flowers, several times throughout the week.  It is a comforting view of stillness and calm of beautiful yellow and green against the blue sky and blue waters.

After driving past this meadow of yellow marigolds for several weeks, I decided to stop driving, park my car… and use my camera to remember what captivated my attention each time I passed by.

God does that. He gives the unexpected of stillness and calm, a simple view of His grandeur. It is good to stop and soak it up.

For the moment, I am content with the view of yellow but I know that it will change in a few days. The farmers will plow the yellow land and plant seeds for a harvest of corn. The view of the farm lands around my home have changed in preparation for the harvest to come.

Stopping to look at this quiet plot of land, waiting to be plowed and seeded, made me think about my own life. It looks pretty on the outside, but it needs constant plowing on the inside.

The average stuff needs to be plowed away in order for the awesome stuff to grow.

This is the unexpected view into my heart. Ready to be plowed and seeded. Waiting for the awesome that God will cause to grow.

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Linking-up with everyone for, Five-Minute-Friday. The word theme is: View. 

10 thoughts on “A View of the Unexpected

  1. I like your honest prospective. I’am very glad I came here as I have felt the way at times. Blessings 🙂

  2. Stopping by from FMF, and so glad I did…Oh my, that yellow field, just stunning! Oh to stop and soak up the view…and I’m right with you on the plowing…plowing and planting awaiting the crop He will grow!! Blessings to you!

  3. Hi Donna, linking up for the first time from 5MF. I love the name of your blog, “More Grace” … Yes, Lord, we need God’s Grace to plow, seed and grow the awesome stuff in our lives. Thank you for pulling over and capturing this beautiful scene to remember.

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