My Song to Sing

Bird Song

Oh sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth!    Psalm 96:1

I have a song to sing!  It’s my song, and one that will never be heard by anyone else, save my granddaughter…and God.

I sing often. Even if I don’t remember the words to a favorite melody, I create new words that nicely match a familiar tune. Recently, I’ve been creating new songs, such as singing prayers to God. Occasionally while reading through the Psalms, I will recognize a Psalm with a melody already recorded and will sing God’s words back to Him. Psalm 100 is a good example of this. I remember this Psalm and the melody from high school youth group.

I recently returned from an extended visit with my granddaughter. She loves to sing songs and I love listening to her voice sounding so sweet–even while singing along with a CD playing as we drive to the park. And wouldn’t you know, the song “Old King Cole” is truly delightful with a three-year old belting the lyrics in perfect harmony!

I imagine God having great joy from little ones singing. It was the voices of children shouting and singing, “Hosanna!” as Jesus entered Jerusalem while riding on a donkey and the voices of infants and children quieting the murmurings and harsh words from grumpy people. (My interpretation of Psalm 8:2, From the mouths of children and babies come songs of praise to you. They sing of your power to silence your enemies who were seeking revenge.) So yes, the voices of children singing is quite powerful. Song will sooth a soul and spark it with smiles shining bright.

Not all of my songs are joyful ones, however. I have belted out a chorus of complaints, worry and bewilderment in a minor key. A real sour note. I take great comfort in the fact that many of the Psalms focus on lamenting over a worrisome predicament. I would argue that even those songs are indeed, “A new song to the Lord.” Singing to God our woes and anxiety is a humbling feat that will result in great peace. I love knowing that God cares…”Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7, ESV)

Sometimes, we need to sing songs in the night. It can be difficult, especially when the birds stop chirping and the stars are hidden behind clouds and seem not to twinkle in the black sky. The dark night has a way of bringing all of the anxieties and woes to surface in our thoughts and dreams.

But God is the light in the darkness and He has created the night-time for our good. To rest in peace and sleep.  He is not a God that brings on worry and distress in the dark hours (or day hours), but to take the worry and distress away. Darkness is good for rest. God created us to sleep when the sun dims to welcome the light of the moon–however, when a little one is ill, the darkness stirs a different kind of song. A song to sing to a little one, sick with tummy rumblings.  In the midst of the wee morning hours of darkness, God gave me a song to comfort her, my granddaughter. She hears my song to sing. And she sleeps.  (“But none says, ‘Where is God my Maker, who gives songs in the night.”  Job 35:10)

We can sing high praises to ourselves when all is joyful, but we cannot sing praise to any but our God when circumstances are untoward and Providences appear adverse. God alone can furnish us with songs in the night. And yet again, not only does God give the song in the night because He is the only subject upon which we can sing, then, but because He is the only One who inspires songs in the night. ~Charles Spurgeon

How good is our God to give us voices to sing a new song! To the Glory of God, we sing! Day or night, this is my song to sing.

This is long over due and I am extremely late to link up with “Five Minute Friday” …the topic is: SONG. 

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