Sunday Respite | Surprised by God

Psalm 36 5

I am glad that there is no mystery with God. He is never caught off guard. He is never surprised by the events that happen in the world…in my life and in the lives of my family. In an instant we are cast in a life-changing event, unsure of what tomorrow will be like. What we can be sure of is that we are secure in God’s love, a steadfast love that is deep and wide as the heavens span infinity. God is forever faithful to us.

You’re such an outrageously generous God. Your kindness and love appeared to me out of nowhere—like a helicopter of hope, rescuing me from a hopeless existence; like a geyser of grace in the middle of an arid desert; actually, more like a resurrection to life from the tomb of my sin and death. So great is the gospel, so stunning your sovereign love. ―Scotty Smith

Emmanuel, the God who is with us, walks alongside anyone willing to reach out with simple faith, to comfort, heal, redeem, and restore, often quietly, sometimes slowly, but always faithfully, until we pause just long enough to recognize something so amazing, so counter-intuitive, so stunning, so surprising: his mercy, favor, goodwill, even joy, for a weary, waiting world. —Stephan Bauman

Psalm 36 5-2