I Want to See!

II want to see

I Want to See!

40 Gifts of Lent | Gift 12

Reflections on Luke 13 – 19

“What do you want me to do for you?” “Lord, I want to see,” he replied. Luke 18:51  (NIV)

There was a time when I couldn’t see clearly at all. I packed for an extended trip out-of-town without an extra set of contact lenses or packing my standard go-to pair of eye glasses. Unaware that I had forgotten to pack either, I tossed the contact lenses, that I had already worn for a month, down the drain. Upon realizing my circumstance, It wasn’t long before a substantial panic attack ensued. I was stranded in a haze of blurred color and fuzzy shapes until someone came to rescue me.

I don’t take for granted that I can see the bright color of flowers and the sharp bending of branches in a magnificent tree or the sparkling twinkling eyes of my granddaughter when she laughs with me. Yes, I am thankful for my sight…but many days and much too often, I remain blind. Images of people in need are blurred. The needs of the homeless and children on the street are hazy.

I wrote about experiencing a radical mercy, yet I avoid noticing…I avoid looking, to see the way of grace and mercy.

So, I pray, “Lord, I want to see.”  I want to see beyond the skin of the hurting person seeking help. I want to see that child, with needs that are woven in a special tapestry, so different from others. I want to see clearly how to make a difference…I want to see how to leave an imprint for the glory of God.

“I want to see!” I need God to rescue  me. I need to pray this everyday. The gift is when God restores my sight, I will see His grace and I will show and live His grace and mercy to others.

 It should be the thing that greets your mind and fills your heart as you wake each morning. It should be your final thought as you settle in for a night of sleep. It should define how you face your day, and it should shape your self-reflections. It should be the thing that directs how you respond to others. It should be at the forefront of your thoughts in times of trouble or disappointment. It should alter how you think about finances, possessions, decisions, relationships, and everything else. It should be a central theme of your existence. It’s so huge, so gorgeous, and so glorious that once it gets hold of you, you’ll never be the same again. I am talking about God’s grace ~Paul David Tripp

I want to see 2

About 40 Gifts of Lent 

I am anticipating the arrival of Easter and celebrating the most amazingly good gift I’ve ever received. I want to focus my heart on the fulfilled expectation of Christ’s first coming and the glorious expectation of His second coming. To continue reading, please go here: 40 Gifts of Lent


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