The Saturday Assortment #9

The Saturday Assortment

The Saturday Assortment is a collection of unrelated and random things that I find interesting, challenging, motivating and sometimes quite out of the ordinary. It’s an assortment of meaningful things that caught my attention throughout the week.

Faith and Doubt. Doubt and Faith. Both are present in every believer. I recently shared with a group of friends that I have doubted God’s faithfulness to keep his promise. I have doubted his love for me and his sovereignty. I have doubted God’s word to be true.

I remember that time in my life as very challenging and very depressing, yet has now become the most significant nurturing and building blocks of faith in my life. I had to go to the source that I doubted to find the answers to why I doubted.

God is always faithful even when we are not faithful.  God demonstrates his patience by loving us more and to rescue us with more grace…even when we are not asking for more love and have no idea that we need rescuing from doubt…that’s more grace!

If you are struggling with doubt and faith as I have, the following posts will encourage your faith as you sift out the doubt.

1. I Believe in Doubt by Oz Guinness Just because we have a deep faith in God and in the scriptures, doesn’t mean that we will bypass a struggle with doubt and unbelief.  “Faith is much more than the absence of doubt, but to understand doubt is to have a key to a strong faith, a sound mind, and a quiet heart. Yet more confusions surround doubt than many Christian believers realize.” Here is the link to an article I read from Ligonier Ministries that is very helpful with understanding the good reasons for doubt and how our faith will be made stronger because of it.

2. When Doubt Becomes Unbelief by Alister McGrath When does doubt become unbelief? Answer: When you let it. When you cling to unrealistic ideas about faith, when you get hopelessly preoccupied with the doubts that are a natural part of the Christian life, or when you fail to allow your faith to grow. These pitfalls can all be avoided. Don’t feel ashamed about your doubts. Talking them through with older and wiser Christians can be a vital safety valve which stops a head of doubting steam from building up—a head of steam which could eventually lead from normal doubt to the hopelessness of unbelief.

What are your thoughts?

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