A Simple Devotional about More

A Simple Devotional about MOREI’m leaving in a few days on an adventure! A missions trip to help a church, children and their families. I’ll travel with an awesome group of adults and college students. I was asked to share a simple devotional for the Mom’s while their children are occupied with games and activities. I will have an opportunity to talk with a group of women that I’ve never met before.

I wanted one word that would resonate with a mom, a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a friend…even through a language barrier.  I was given a time limit. I will have an interpreter.  Choosing a word was not easy. But I think the word I chose is the right word for this occasion.

I chose the word, More.

I could preach a long sermon on the word, ‘more,’  but I have only a few minutes to share a simple devotional…

I like it when my husband says to me, “I love you.”  When we were newlyweds, I frequently asked him, “How much do you love me?”  I still ask him that question and all of these years later, he answers me the same way, “I love you eleventy-times-seven.”   And then I always ask another question, “How much is eleventy-times-seven?” And his answer to that question has always been one word, “More.” There is no number that can measure his love for me.

I get it! I am loved. My husband will always love me more. But even as grand as the word ‘more’ is, it can never totally satisfy the love that I need. There is only one perfect love and only one love that is more than enough and that is God’s love for me. I will never comprehend the true meaning of love until I come to understand that love is the very essence of God, because, God is love.

My family has experienced a lot of change and some unrest recently with moving to a new city and home. Everything is new such as a new state, a new community, new friends, a new church, a new job.

During this transition, I would often say a prayer asking God to overwhelm us with his love. The one thing I wanted my family to experience–to rest in, to be sure of in the midst of complex change and uncertainty is this: God loves us more…and his love is enough.

Be amazed and in awe by the vastness of God’s love for you!

All my life I’ve heard people say, “God loves you.” It’s probably the most insane statement you could make to say that the eternal Creator of this universe is in love with me. There is a response that ought to take place in us, a crazy reaction to that love. Do you really understand what God has done for you?

John 3:16 says that God so loved the world that he gave his only son…God gave himself, totally and absolutely for you, in his son Jesus Christ. Do you understand that God gave us his only son Jesus? Jesus bled, died on a cross, was buried in a tomb and became alive again so that we may have life everlasting. God’s incredible love gift to us is Jesus. There is no greater love than this! God loves us…more!

This is why I prayed for my family to be overwhelmed by God’s love. Through God’s son, Jesus, we have forever hope, forever peace, forever joy, forever mercy, forever forgiveness, forever life, forever love. Forever more love than we can comprehend!

This week I remembered the profound answer of a young boy when his mother asked him, “How much does God love us?” And his answer will fill your heart with a smile and a laugh, “God loves us more-ther than the house is big; more-ther than the city is wide.”

Psalm 36:5 says: Your steadfast love, O LORD, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.

Let’s praise the Lord for his great love! God’s love is wider than any continent, longer than any road, higher than any mountain, and deeper than any ocean. God loves us more!

I am continually overwhelmed by the love of God. If you ask me if I’m alright, I’ll simply answer the way that little boy did when he was asked that question, “I’m doing very alright! I’m more alrighter than the sky is blue!”

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