Overcoming Stress

Denver, CO

I am so thankful that God lavishes his love and grace on me and continues to turn my affections toward him. More Grace!

This is one of my favorite quotes.

“I would propose that we sit down, often and for longer periods of time, and let Jesus shine a light in our hearts on the idols we harbor. His love, kindness, and desire for us to be whole will reveal what lies deep within and does not belong. He will haul these idols out and turn our affections toward him.”

“Is our Stress Rooted in Invisible Idols” by Greg Gelburd. Resurgence.

2 thoughts on “Overcoming Stress

  1. Hmmm… good words, Donna. Thanks for sharing. I will take these thoughts with me into a day-long retreat on Wednesday. Seems a good way to enter into Advent – seeking to remove anything that stands between me and receiving the Coming King. (“Fill in those valleys, bring those mountains low… prepare a highway for our God!”)

    • Hi Melody! Thanks for the encouraging comment and I’m glad to know the post and link is helpful. I wrote that post after The Lord rescued me through a stressful event. I’m continually overwhelmed with more grace from God! ~Donna

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