Mentoring, Friendship, and Little Birds

I have the immense pleasure of spending time with a friend, whom I admire and have deep respect for and she is also a resource of strength and knowledge that I’ve only begun to tap into. Nancy (my friend) has graciously taken me in to teach me a few things about water-color painting. I’ve had a longing to learn how to paint with water colors for a very long time and since moving to the lake, this longing has only grown stronger.  I was going to register for a beginners art class and then I thought of my friend, Nancy. Actually, I believe it was God who gave me the thought to think of Nancy! She is a gift from God. Yes, it’s that simple and it’s that big of a gift.

I wonder if Nancy has any idea of how much she has helped me to relax and enjoy the small things…to move slower, to observe the small details and to see Jesus even in the thorns.  

I believe we all need a mentor and friend to model a different way of living, a different way of viewing problems, a different way of pacing and working through a hectic season of life so that we may know Jesus in a deeper and more personal way. My friend guides me back to the gospel…to  loving Jesus anew, just by spending time painting with water colors.

My time with Nancy goes by much too quickly. To make it linger a little longer, I was thrilled that she invited me outside to see something very special. Yes!…I grabbed my camera first and walked outdoors with her. It was wonderful to venture into that lush backyard at Nancy’s home and stand under huge walnut and pecan trees, as she directed my gaze to bird’s nest of little robins–a nest of robins within the thorns.

Ah, the sweet love of a friend. Oh, the joy of finding Jesus again!