Praying for You, Children’s Ministry

“Tosha walking down a winding path full of uncertainties and high Austrian Mountains ahead, but one he knows will lead him home, for it’s daddy’s path and Tosha knows & trusts me completely.”
~photo credits and used by permission: David Beatty
One photograph that is filled with thousands of words. This is the first of many notes to come using some of those words; the first of many thoughts that come to mind when I look at this photo. 
A little boy walking blissfully on a path that twists and turns. The towering mountain in the distance looks ominous, yet there he goes, holding his sticks, walking confidently. The path twists and turns and he cannot see what lies ahead around the bend, but he is unfettered by fear and anxiety. He knows that his father is with him. He knows that his father chose this path for him to explore. This is an adventure!

This is my adventure, too. I’m like that little boy who is walking on a path of twists and turns…named Children’s Ministry. I see the mountain ahead and wonder if there is anyway to go around it or if necessary, will I have the wits and strength to climb up it. Sometimes there is confidence and unfettered resolve to charge ahead around that bend of unknown but often that confidence and resolve is stumbling along that path, tripping on the stones and ruts along the way. There is a bit of fear and anxiety when I face the mountain of details…the mountain of staffing needs…the mountain of time needed to give…

I know my Father is with me. I know my Father chose this path for me to explore. I am confident that I am on the right path. I begin to pray with confidence. I am praying for myself, though. It’s all about me again. Here I go again, needing everything and everyone to orbit around my needs…including God. Children’s Ministry is not about me. Children’s Ministry is all about children, ministering to children for the glory of God. Children’s Ministry is about serving families and becoming a servant leader with many volunteers. Children’s Ministry does not belong to me. 

My prayers shift to praying for you, Children’s Ministry. There are other people on that path in the photo. I imagine them in front of me around the corner leading the way.  I imagine them trusting God to lead them down this same adventurous path that I walk on.  I imagine them following me; looking up at that same mountain and praying for Children’s Ministry too. 

…while we might commend this duty by quoting innumerable examples from the lives of eminent saints, it is enough for the disciple of Christ if we say that Christ in His holy gospel has made it your duty and your privilege to intercede for others. When he taught us to pray, he said, “Our Father,” and the expressions which follow are not in the singular but in the plural–“Give us this day our daily bread.” “Forgive us out debts”; “Lead us not into temptation;” evidently intending to set forth that none of us are to pray for ourselves alone…”
~from the sermon “Intercessory Prayer” delivered on August 11, 1861, by Charles H. Spurgeon at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London
Praying for YOU, Children’s Ministry!