The Saturday Assortment

The Saturday Assortment

The Saturday Assortment is a collection of unrelated and random things that I find interesting, encouraging, motivating and sometimes quite out of the ordinary. It’s an assortment of things that caught my attention throughout the week. I bet you will find them equally engaging.  Enjoy!

The Cost of Neutral “Not adding value is the same thing as taking it away.”  I read a post by Seth Godin everyday and this one nailed it for me. “If you come to my brainstorming meeting and say nothing, it would have been better if you hadn’t come at all.” 

13 Web Apps You Need to Start 2013 Off RightChoosing the best tools to help us start the year off right, here are 13 web apps you need to get familiar with so that you can make the most of the year ahead. Evernote is quickly becoming my all time favorite!

A Lesser Communion — A shared meal around the dinner table has always been a priority as we raised our family and now even more so as empty nesters. “Yes, much depends on dinner because dinner deepens our dependence on each other. It binds us together for the long haul. And we need each other for the years ahead.” via The Village Church

Light a Candle Against Violence — Just weeks after Newtown, the top box office movies in America are two grotesquely violent films. That’s a problem.  Eric Metaxas, author of: Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy…challenges us to make our voices heard. (BTW…Bonhoeffer is a good read!) via Eric Metaxas

The Five Greatest Predictors of Student Success —  When a student experiences these five realities they are most likely to graduate and excel in life. This quote is fascinating… “The reason emotional intelligence has become such a large factor in student success is that kids today struggle more with mental health issues than they did forty years ago.” via Tim Elmore